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A born and bred Arkansas native, Robert Alexander is proud to call Little Rock home. He has witnessed the highs and lows of the economy and seen firsthand how it impacts The Rock. As CEO of Kustommade Properties, Robert is on a mission to beautify the community and spread property wealth one building at a time. 

The downtown Little Rock area where Robert grew up was once a pillar for high income living but took a turn in the late 80s and early 90s converting to an area of crime, gangs and condemned properties. The idea of rehabilitating the community and returning it to its former glory always stuck with him. Truly, that is the reason he is in real estate today.

In 2012, Robert began investing in properties in Little Rock while maintaining a full-time corporate role. As he acquired more properties and increased his knowledge of the development process—some might even say the hard way—he felt he was moving closer to his purpose.

Taking a leap of faith, Robert left Corporate America in 2017 and launched Kustommade Properties with a goal to become a trusted advisor in the real estate community, starting here in his hometown. Since then, Kustommade has invested and remodeled numerous properties in Little Rock and beyond. Rapidly growing as a local household name, Kustommade Properties continues to expand its footprint in the real estate community and is achieving its goal of bringing charm and prosperity to the good people of Arkansas.

``The process is grueling, tedious even, but it’s the build—with steady hands—that create homes for families to enjoy.``
About Kustommade

At Kustommade Properties, we specialize in development construction, property rehabilitation and rentals. Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your vision and we strive for excellence by providing the necessary resources and support to lay the foundation.

Our approach is simple: our clients’ best interest always comes first. We consistently place our clients’ preferences ahead of our own in each and every transaction, as we are dedicated to the growth of long-term relationships and, more importantly, client satisfaction. 

We are privileged to serve the community and we look forward to helping you accomplish your vision!

Want to join us in giving back to the community?

The Alexander Transitional Housing Center, Inc. (ATHC) is a talent-driven economic development program sponsored by KustomMade Properties.